What Is Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

What Is Mechanical Engineering

What is mechanical engineering? This can be answered in many ways but it can be said that mechanical engineering is a course that can be taken in college from various universities around the world. A degree in mechanical engineering can take four to six years in college depending on what university you are in.

What is mechanical engineering course composed of? The curriculum in mechanical engineering is comprised of the study of various branches of sciences and engineering such as mechanics, kinetics, robotics, structural analysis, thermodynamics and designing. Mechanics deals with the study of forces and the effect they have when in contact with the different states of matter. A mechanical engineer usually uses mechanics in his design process.

Robotics is a collaborative study of electrical and software engineering. The goal of studying these two branches of engineering simultaneously is for the engineer to be able to create electrical systems controlled by software’s such as robots. Robots are created to minimize dangerous man labor by replacing human workers with robots. Structural analysis deals with the study of factors that breaks and fails a certain object. In this way engineers will be able to assess performance of certain machines, the wear and tear and its capacity to do a certain load of work. This will also allow them to find ways to fix or improve the performance of a particular machinery. Thermodynamics is the study of how to convert an energy form to another form like fuel to heat.

Thermodynamics is used to create machines that deal with temperature, such as cooling or heating machines. Now you may ask what is mechanical engineering have to do with designing or drawing? Drawing either by hand or through a computer is a crucial skill learned by mechanical engineers. It is the mode they use to make a model of the machine they want to create.

This article is aimed to give you a basic idea of the extensive knowledge a mechanical engineer possesses and the wide scope of study he undertook. Perhaps now, it is your chance to answer another person when he asks, “what is mechanical engineering?” To read other branches of engineering visit whatengineers

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